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Schools Reopen in Uganda

President Museveni is today expected to announce the schedules for the reopening of schools as he addresses the nation on Covid-19 situation at 8pm.
In the address which comes 92 days after closing the education institutions to curb Covid-19 spread, and about 54 days after easing some of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, the President’s pronouncements about the fate of places of worship and bars as expected.

Mr Museveni, in his July 30 proclamation to ease lockdown measures, allowed transport and trade sectors to operate at half capacity, but kept schools, bars, churches and mosques and seasonal markets closed, saying they will be reopened after sufficient vaccination of eligible people.
There has been some increase in the number of jabbed citizens, with majority of the 1.6 receiving only first shots, a gain more broadly a minuscule portion of the 21.9 million Ugandans targeted for vaccination.

Source: Monitor Uganda

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