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What we are doing

We are developing an evidence-based local communication strategy to address social standards that perpetuate violence against children.
Empowering women so that they are to support their children even when men run away from responsibilities.
Campaigning against domestic violence
Encourage women to report to local authorities where need be instead of sitting silence on burning family issues that leads violence.


Project Challenges

Pupils attending to lessons in a poor class room
Pupils attending to lessons in a poor class room

Sexual abuse is the most common form of violence, with gender as a major risk factor. Every day, around 26 girls are defiled. Rape is on the increase, rising by 30 per cent from 7,360 reported cases in 2009 to 9,588 in 2013.

All that is mentioned by UNICEF above is true in our communities. We are putting up strategies to overcome all that.

We also have a challenge of learning class rooms, some schools have nothing completely.


Project Expected Result

  • Strengthening the profile of primary school profile
  • Proposals for improvements in the quality of history education are agreed with the member states.
  • Prepare young people for responsible citizenship, adult and working life;
  • address issues of violence and conflict prevention