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A child being treated

HIV / AIDS has remained the heaviest blow in our community, at lest 98% of families have a member living with HIV/ AIDS disease, some have lost their loved one due to this pandemic.

The biggest problem we found out is that many people both young and old, female and male fear going for HIV/AIDS testing at their nearby facilities or away from their nearby facilities, even the free testing opportunities that are brought by the government people don’t go for them.

Kabebe has joined the fight against HIV with a new approach to help our community. So we have launched a door to door approach of sensitizing our community about the dangers of living with HIV/ AIDS un aware of it.

This has brought us results, People are coming willingly to offices for advice , Some family members have been open by bringing their loved one who we help initiate on HIV/ AIDS treatment for those who had given up on treatment.

Current status according to Ministry of Health Uganda.

Over the past decade, Uganda has sustained some impressive response to the HIV&AIDS epidemic grounded in a multi-sectoral approach coordinated by the Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC). However, HIV&AIDS continues to be a major socio-economic challenge and is among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. The epidemic has matured and is generalized across the entire population

Activities we do

Health and Nutrition activities we practice.

  • Community door to door HIV/AIDS sensitization
  • Take individual who have never tested for HIV to near by facilities and test for HIV.
  • HIV / AIDS Counseling at our main office
  • Empower families with hands on activities that can generate income for them