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A child being treated
A child being treated
Children having meals on time and healthy organic food
Children having meals on time and healthy organic food

Health and nutrition is important for the healthy development of children. Communities that are affected by illness may not be able to work or provide proper care. Children in these situations are at risk of dropping out of school in order to care for a sick adult and work in order to replace lost income.
If the caretaker dies from the illness, the child risks a number of negative outcomes including living on the street or being placed in institutional care.

By training the local people with health knowledge in nutrition and as well providing free health and nutrition services.This is important in the protection of children.

There need is extremely prevalent in areas affected by large scale HIV/AIDS infection rates, poverty, and armed conflict. Children who have poor nutrition require health screening to identify any hidden injury and infections.

Medical treating and treatment should be delivered in a child sensitive manner,

Health and nutrition education activities

Health and Nutrition activities we practice.

  • improving household food security.
  • protecting consumers through improved food quality and safety
  • preventing and managing infectious diseases
  • promoting breastfeeding
  • caring for the socioeconomically deprived and nutritionally vulnerable
  • preventing and controlling specific micro-nutrient deficiencies
  • promoting appropriate diets and healthy lifestyles
  • assessing, analysing and monitoring nutrition situations.